How much do you know about the materials of panel furniture?

Furniture is very important for a family, most of the family needs furniture, at present, there are many kinds of furniture on the market, such as panel furniture, Rattan furniture, software furniture, metal-glass furniture and so on., Today, we mainly introduce board furniture.

Panel furniture generally refers to furniture products that use artificial panels as furniture materials, such as plywood, Block board, MDF and particle board .

Plywood is generally made of poplar or eucalyptus, which is often used to make furniture that needs bending and deformation. the advantage of plywood consists in its good decoration, climate resistance, high temperature resistance and durability, and its disadvantage is that the surface is not clean and tidy. It is not suitable for use in one-sided parts.

Block board, also known as ecological wood, generally uses new pine materials (machine or hand) or old pine materials (machine or hand), and the core uses poplar, pine or balsa wood. Block board is often used to do partition wall, fake walls, heating covers, curtain boxes, etc.

Block board has the advantages of high strength, hard texture, heat insulation, sound absorption and other characteristics, and low water absorption, relatively simple in processing. The disadvantage is that the bending strength is poor, and it is easy to deform under long-term stress.

Particle board, also known as solid wood granule board, is mainly used as partition wall. The advantages of particle board are smooth surface, lifelike texture of wood, beautiful and durable, and can carry out all kinds of veneer treatment; the bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, and the amount of glue used in the production process is small, so the environmental protection coefficient is higher. The granule of the internal cross-scattered structure makes its transverse load-bearing better, and has good attraction and sound insulation performance at the same time. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to cut, high requirements for processing equipment, not suitable for on-site production, especially, particle board edge is relatively rough, easy to absorb moisture, as the exposed part of the edge of furniture, we must take corresponding edge sealing treatment to prevent deformation.

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